The Spirited Puddle Jumper Blog- Flannel Fingers Review














After being trialed by Sassy Bloom, our Flannel Fingers are now featured in their baby boxes.

Here’s what their customers have had to say about our gloves:

” The last thing we received in our box were these amazing Joey’s Flannel Fingers – RRP – £9.99

Now these are something else! Literally just 2 days before my box arrived I was talking about how great it would be to have glove type flannels to wash Evie in the bath. We have one that you slip your hand in, shaped like a rectangle, and it just falls straight off it’s useless really.  These stay on our hands great & they lather up soap well….I’m really impressed!
I’m also pretty gutted because I thought I was onto a Dragon’s Den idea but seems like the great people over at Joey’s beat me to it.
I’d have bought these outright if I knew about them and they hadn’t come in this box. “

” Why have I not heard of these before now? They’re brilliant! Made from super soft organic cotton. They’re a snug fit so they don’t fall off when they get wet & heavy. “

” I cannot begin to describe how useful these are. My new born hates having baths and so tends to wriggle and scream a lot. The Flannel Fingers allow me to have a good grip on him still as well as being able to wash him using both hands. This gave me peace of mind that I would not loose grip of him whilst trying to get in all the wrinkles of his skin. Superb product! Definite must buy for any new parents! “

” A really good idea, feel like very high quality and will be really handy at bath time! Also loved the subtle pink colour they match towels I have bought previously “

“These are a lovely idea, will definitely use these. I think they will make washing the baby really easy and less slippery!”

” Great idea to have a quick and nice bath. Will use them with pleasure. “

” WOW! What a great idea for bath time –  made bathing my little boy so much easier even holding him is easier as there is no risk of him slipping out of my hand. A lot easier to wash him to, just put the soap on the glove and wash him. “

” My son has claimed these gloves he loved them so much! “

” I love using these, makes me feel clean and fresh! “

” I had never heard of these before. It was funny because just a couple of weeks earlier I was telling my hubby what a brilliant invention gloves to use in the bath would be! They’re really soft, good fit and do the job well. Don’t lather up soap brilliantly, but I think they’re a brilliant item that I would have paid for if I hadn’t got them in the box. “