So what are Flannel Fingers?

They are flannel gloves, made with the softest, organic cotton blended with a touch of polyester. Just pop them on, lather up the soap and wash away. It’s as simple as that.

Where did Flannel Fingers come from?

We have two beautiful young daughters. As any parent knows, bath-time isn’t always easy. I’d struggle to hold onto the girls, use a face-flannel (washcloth), and find the soap, all at the same time.

After about five years, I had a realisation: “What I need is a pair of gloves made of the same fabric as a face-flannel!”


I searched and searched, but couldn’t find them anywhere. So we set to work and designed our own.

That’s why we say Flannel Fingers were ‘inspired by the love of little ones’.

To reflect the theme of mums and little ones, my husband came up with the brand name Joey’s, after a baby kangaroo.

Having invented Flannel Fingers for wriggling little people, we realised they are also perfect for older generation who may need to hold on to a rail while they wash.

We sincerely hope that Flannel Fingers make the end of your busy day with little ones, that little bit easier..

Happy bath time!

Emily and Dave